Are You Wondering if You Need an Urgent Eye Evaluation? 

Are You Wondering if You Need an Urgent Eye Evaluation? 

Being able to see is one of life’s most precious gifts. We want to see our home, nature, friends, and family, and experience every happiness that those visions evoke within us. That’s why a sudden threat to our vision can be so frightening. No one wants to imagine a life without the gift of sight. Following is some information to help you stay one step ahead of that worry.

Urgent Medical Eye Evaluations in Edmonton, AB

The list of symptoms to seek emergency eye care near you is almost too exhaustive to list here, but some of the more common reasons to make an urgent care appointment with an optometrist in T6W 2Z4 include a recent injury to the eye, the sudden onset of blurry or double vision, full or partial loss of vision in one or both eyes, eye pain, headache, swelling around the eye, dizziness, eye redness, and confusion.

One important thing to point out that you should not do while waiting to see your eye care specialist is to rub your eyes, attempt to remove foreign objects on your own, or insert any materials such as cotton swabs or insert drops or ointments that have not been prescribed.

The rule of thumb to follow is that if you’re in doubt whether or not you’re experiencing a true eye emergency, call Iconic Eye Care in Edmonton, AB, to speak with a member of our patient care team. During that call, we will be able to triage the situation and open an appointment time to immediately visit our office if necessary.

Red Eyes Can Signal Several Different Conditions 

Most of us are familiar with the redness in our eyes that comes from seasonal allergies, lack of sleep, or late nights without enough sleep. But there are times when eye redness should be considered as an urgent condition to prevent complications from arising.

The most common cause of redness in the eye is a condition known as pink eye. It is most commonly caused by a bacteria or virus that enters the eye and creates inflammation or infection. Pink eye will not affect your ability to see clearly (unless you consider the discharge that might accumulate around your eye), but it is highly contagious. For that reason, it’s recommended that you seek urgent care to keep the condition from spreading. This is especially true for children in classrooms or adults working in health care settings.

From a medical standpoint, red eyes signal a broad condition known as conjunctivitis. And even though it’s not thought to be life-threatening, urgent medical attention is suggested to ensure underlying health concerns aren’t contributing to the condition.

What a Sudden Loss of Vision in One or Both Eyes Might Signal 

One of the most common reasons that patients suddenly lose partial or full sight in one or both eyes is a condition known as macular degeneration. Although most people associate this condition with a gradual loss of vision, it can become an urgent concern when blood vessels in the eye leak fluid or blood, which impairs vision suddenly.

Another common culprit for sudden vision loss is a certain type of glaucoma, which culminates in a rapid buildup of pressure against the eye. If you practice preventive vision care, your optometrist has been monitoring the presence of glaucoma in your eyes, and an alarming situation such as sudden vision loss should be kept at bay. If, however, you have not seen an eye care professional in Edmonton, AB, in the past year or two, we invite you to make an appointment with Iconic Eyecare to help you get back on track.

As we like to point out to our patients, the problem with many eye conditions is that they only appear when it’s too late. That’s why making yearly eye exams is such a critical component to a patient’s overall health.

We Make Eye Care Easy 

There’s no excuse for being “too busy” to take care of your vision. Rather than waiting until a serious ocular condition requires an urgent eye evaluation, why not make an appointment right now for a convenient Saturday or early Tuesday evening appointment with the caring and professional staff at Iconic Eyecare? 


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