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Regular eye exams are critical in safeguarding your child’s vision and overall ocular health. Visual learning is a significant part of a child’s development. If your child can see well, they can learn from their immediate environment, which includes their teachers at school. As such, a child who is examined regularly by an eye doctor benefits from better eye health and greater well-being at home and school.

Alberta Health Care covers the cost of eye examinations for children under the age of 18—which means that you will not need to pay anything when you schedule your child’s eye exam at Iconic Eye Care. Even better, the Eye See Eye Learn (ESEL) program provides free glasses to any kindergarten-age child who receives a prescription.

Are you worried that your child is struggling with their eyesight? Have you observed your little one squinting to see better? Are your child’s eyes red or watery? Don’t leave anything to chance. Book an appointment today with our optometrist in Edmonton, AB, for a comprehensive eye examination.

What Happens During Your Child’s Eye Exam?

During your child’s eye examination, the doctor will ask questions to get full information about your child. Medical and Ocular history for your child is valuable to identify potential vision or eye health complications.

The optometrist will afterward check for the level of your child’s vision. Special symbols or pictures (instead of letters) may be used, especially if a child cannot read yet. The doctor will further check for signs that may indicate the presence of common vision problems in children, such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, color blindness, and poor depth perception, among others. During your child’s eye exam, our doctor in Edmonton, AB, will also look out for cloudiness, eye discharge, and swelling, all of which may be indicative of underlying eye health disorders.

When Should Your Child’s Eyes Be Checked?

Children should get their eyes checked as early as six months of age. Children should be evaluated at least once between the ages of one and three, and every year thereafter to monitor their visual system and development.

If your child is currently struggling with poor vision, you don’t have to wait until they’re a certain age. Instead, book an appointment with Iconic Eye Care immediately so our doctor can look into vision correction treatments for your young one.

Regardless of whether your child uses glasses or contact lenses, book annual eye exams with our doctor in Edmonton, AB.  Comprehensive eye examinations and medical eye evaluations for Children are covered by Alberta Health Care, so do not hesitate to schedule your child for an eye examination with our doctor of optometry at Iconic Eye Care today.

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