Medical Eye Evaluations in Edmonton, AB

When most people think of eye exams, the first thought that comes to mind is whether they’re going to get glasses or not. While an eye doctor can check your eyes and determine whether you require prescription glasses to attain better vision, eye exams are more than just that. At Iconic Eye Care, we provide medical eye evaluations, which are thorough medical checks that are crucial in the diagnosis and treatment of ocular and general health issues.

An eye doctor may be able to detect signs of disease in your body just by looking at your eyes. When you come in for a medical eye evaluation, our eye doctor in Edmonton, AB, will not only be looking to see whether you have perfect vision. Instead, the doctor will also be checking for signs and symptoms of cancer, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure, all of which can present themselves in the eyes.

Who Needs Medical Eye Evaluations?

At Iconic Eye Care, we encourage the community in Alberta and beyond to schedule routine comprehensive eye examinations annually. All Albertans are covered by Alberta Health for medically necessary and urgent eye care visits to our optometrist. Dr. Guy Ambrosio at Iconic Eye Care has the proper knowledge, tools and equipment necessary to diagnose, treat, prescribe medications, and refer to a specialist if needed. Additionally, Dr. Ambrosio works with your other health care providers to ensure you have the best care possible. Visits for the diagnose and management of dry, eye infections, eye injuries, foreign objects in the eye, and sudden changes in vision are covered. Additionally, monitoring for diabetes issues, glaucoma, retinal disease and cataracts, including post operative care are also provided.

Alberta Health Care covers the cost of medical eye evaluations and urgent eye care for Albertans of all ages. Additionally, patients aged 18 and below or 65 and above are covered annually for a comprehensive eye examination. If you fall in this bracket (or if a child you know does), book an appointment with Iconic Eye Care today to take advantage of our excellent eye care.

Give Iconic Eye Care a call now if you’d like to learn more about medical eye evaluations, or our other services. If you are experiencing an ocular emergency outside of our operating clinic hours please be sure to contact emergency medical services or head to the Royal Alex Emergency Department in Edmonton, AB.

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