Retinal Imaging in Edmonton, AB

Besides a visual inspection of the state of your eye health, our optometrist in Edmonton, AB, utilizes innovative technology to ensure precision during your eye exam. We have invested in OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) technology to ensure that our patients receive the best care in a manner that’s comfortable and non-invasive.

In particular, our Topcon® 3D OCT Maestro takes retinal imaging a notch higher. Thanks to this 3D scan, our eye doctor will get an unprecedented view into the inner layers of your eye. As a result, the doctor can detect any abnormalities or indications of disease even before these manifest as apparent symptoms.

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When Do You Need Retinal Imaging?

Retinal imaging is essential if you have preexisting conditions such as diabetes, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. In such cases, the doctor may recommend an OCT scan to get a better look at your ocular and overall health.

Our doctor in Edmonton, AB, may also conduct an OCT scan if you’re showing signs of retinopathy, vitreous traction, or macular edema. A 3D scan will enable the doctor to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment for the same.

Retinal imaging using the Topcon 3D OCT Maestro is painless. OCT is analagous to an ultrasound, except using scanning lasers of light to evaluate the tissues of the eye. The optometrist will have you sit down and align in our instrument for a number of scans of the eye, often lasting less than a few minutes.

Benefits of TopCon 3D OCT Maestro

While our eye doctor is trained in the identification and diagnosis of eye ailments, an OCT scan adds a layer of information that’s crucial in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of your particular condition.

The OCT technology at Iconic Eye Care allows our patients to enjoy comprehensive eye exams that leave no stone unturned. Our technology is easy-to-use, flexible, and non-invasive, which makes the retinal imaging experiencing safe and effective for both our patients and doctor.

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