Sunglasses Prescriptions in Edmonton, AB

Sunglasses protect your eyes against the harmful rays of the sun, which can cause macular degeneration and cataracts. If you wear prescription glasses, it’s essential to get prescription sunglasses for those sunny days when you want to be outside without squinting. Whether you’re out and about enjoying a barbecue with friends and family or driving down the highway on a sunny day, prescription sunglasses come in handy for people with vision problems.

Here at Iconic Eye Care, our eye doctor will undertake a comprehensive eye exam before writing your sunglasses prescription, which you can use to purchase your sunglasses from any optician of your choice.

If you’re a senior aged above 65 years or a child 18 years and younger, Alberta Health Care covers for the cost of your comprehensive eye exam. Iconic Eye Care also offers direct billing for most major insurance providers for individuals not covered by Alberta Health, or for vision solutions such as prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses.

Sunglasses Prescription Process at Iconic Eye Care

During your eye test at Iconic Eye Care, our optometrist will be looking to determine your visual acuity using an eye chart. Our eye doctor will also be on the lookout for signs and symptoms that may be indicative of eye conditions such as glaucoma, and retinopathy, among others. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys fishing, hiking, and skiing, among others, make sure to share this information with the optometrist. Some lifestyle choices may require that you use polarized sunglasses.

Once our optometrist in Edmonton, AB, has all the necessary information, the next step will be to write you a sunglasses prescription. Afterward, you can move on to the fun part of choosing the type of frames that you want.

Benefits of Prescription Sunglasses

Why do you need prescription sunglasses if you can get a pair of non-prescription sunglasses from your local mall? The simple reason is that if you wear prescription glasses, your eyesight is already compromised, and you need to use eyewear that supports your vision. Non-prescription sunglasses can make it harder for you to see, which can be dangerous, especially when you’re driving.

Other advantages of prescription sunglasses include:

  • You don’t need to squint to see when wearing prescription sunglasses, which translates into fewer wrinkles for you.
  • Prescription sunglasses provide you with not only the best clarity while in the sun, but the most comfort for your eyes and vision as well.
  • Prescription sunglasses protect your eyes against macular degeneration and cataracts brought on by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays
  • They protect your eyes against flying debris and projectiles, especially when driving
  • Prescription sunglasses can be used in place of prescription glasses, thus offering additional protection all day long.

Are you tired of squinting when the sun is out? Get your hands on prescription sunglasses by booking a comprehensive eye exam with Iconic Eye Care. Our optometrist in Edmonton, AB, will provide all the guidance you need when choosing prescription sunglasses.

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