The latest in styles and technology are available from Iconic in Windermere. Eyeglasses. Designer Frames. Contact Lenses. Sunglasses.

Lens Technology

Our office is passionate about providing the latest developments in lens technology from single vision to multifocal designs. We utilize HOYA Vision lenses to deliver our patients the best that the industry has to offer to improve visual performance and experience at competitive prices.

Designer Glasses Frames Windermere

We have an excellent selection of the latest frames and sun wear of renowned bands and designers, as well as unique and exclusive designs for your iconic look. Visit our Windermere Edmonton eye clinic to try on some of our designer frames & eyeglasses adults and children.

Our frames extend beyond function to provide you with a fashionable way to wear your eyeglasses prescription. A variety of styles and materials are available in office including prescription safety solutions.

Brands we carry in frames for glasses include:

  • Etnia Barcelona
  • Fendi
  • Lafont
  • Blackfin
  • LaMatta
  • Glacee
  • Fysh
  • Rayban
  • Kate Spade
  • Kliik
  • Boss
  • Carerra
  • Evatik
  • Imago
  • NANO vista

Contact Lenses Windermere

We are licensed experts in the proper fitting of contact lenses for your everyday needs. In-office trial lenses allow us to fit a wide variety of prescription needs, including astigmatism, multifocals, and color modification.  Our Edmonton Windermere location has all the latest technology to provide with the proper prescription in contact lenses. Our friendly professional service and our refill reminders you are never without the contact lenses you need.

Ensure that your vision is corrected without compromising your comfort or eye health by talking to Dr. Ambrosio about the latest in contact lens technology.